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Air Wick Freshmatic Sprays feature subtle time-released fragrances that create a pleasant welcoming smell in your home, giving the confidence to know that your home smells pleasurable. Just set it to your preferred fragrance level and enjoy the continuous freshness. Air Wick does all the work and has many amazing scents to choose from. You can also change fragrances as you wish.

Heavy Duty Trash/Refuse/Waste Nylon

Heavy Duty Black refuse sacks made from a minimum of 80% Nylon. If you are always having difficulty managing or handling your refuse or waste, use of these dustbin/waste refuse bags. They are thick and durable so they can be used to store up your wastes before you finally dispose of them. They are long to be able to hold a large volume of waste and will not tear when being carried from the waste bin to the final disposal area.Aside being used as waste nylon bags, they can also be used to store up stuffs you don’t need in the immediate.They can be used to pack up toys which your kids no longer have need for, or clothes which they have outgrown.All in all, it is a very important item to have in the house. It is handy and can be used for multiple purposes. Every house, Kennel or office should always have this to allow for a clean and tidy work area, play area, and environment generally.


Morning Fresh is the no 1 selling dishwashing liquid in Nigeria that is gentle on your hands and super tough on grease stains. With Morning Fresh you are able to wash more dirty dishes with ease. Morning Fresh is your KITCHEN EXPERT, providing a complete cleaning solution for all your Kitchen cleaning needs. Trust the Expert to protect your Kitchen. Its your trusted Kitchen Expert that takes proper care of all Kitchen's dishwashing needs. Save time, save money and get even more value with the Morning Fresh dishwashing. Morning Fresh’s superior grease-cutting power gives you guaranteed performance against the toughest oil and grease stains, giving you fresh, sparkling clean dishes after every wash. With its concentrated formula, all you need is a drop to wash so much more dishes and get rid of lingering food smells too. The Morning Fresh original variant comes with a unique, lemon fragrance that will keep your kitchen fresh and delightfully scented throughout the day. Superior-grease-cutting performance Fresh Lemon Fragrance Rich Lather Gentle on hands - Contains glycerin Top selling brand Super concentrated Handy and trendy Eco-friendly pack Real value for money 100% protection against germs