Welcome to Oliver Twist Stores

Who We Area

Oliver Twist Supermarket is the brainchild of enigmatic directors along with a strong leadership and advisory board.

The directors’ vast knowledge and experience in retail business have been deployed in the management and operation of Oliver Twist Supermarket since the inception of the first store in 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Our passion for the retail industry is not just to create financial success and growth but also to build a standard of excellence and bring unmatched creativity to the industry, creating a unique level of customer experience and satisfaction.

This mission has no finishing line, as our intent is to become the strongest indigenous retail brand in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole; as we establish one-stop retail stores, to meet the daily needs of our customers with quality products in a friendly, courteous and professional environment in cities across Africa and the rest of the world. We strive to make Oliver Twist the retail hub where Shopping meets with technology, producing unprecedented satisfaction and joy in our customers and suppliers equally.

We have unparalleled passion and commitment to sourcing for quality products with unbeatable prices and discounts.

At Oliver Twist, the Customer is always King and for us, going the extra mile to provide a smart shopping platform and unmatched services to meet and satisfy the daily needs of our customers is our priority and ultimate mantra.

We pride in our Integrity and connection to Providence as major drivers in our business which influences the honest and transparent manner in which we conduct business with the customers, suppliers and our partners.

Our values are ones driven by hard work, technology, attention to details, adaptability, initiative, an enterprising and pioneering spirit and we will keep evolving to serve even more communities in Nigeria and Africa.

Who we Are

We are Nigeria’s first indigenous supermarket brand to engage full range technology to enhance and upgrade the shopping experience and provide ease of catering to the daily needs of a wide range of clientele.

Our Vision

To be the strongest, smartest and biggest retail brand in Africa.

Why Use Oliver Twist?

  • Ease of Shopping
  • Online order and prompt delivery services
  • Unparalleled passion and commitment to sourcing for quality products
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Unbeatable prices and discounts

Our Mission

Our mission is to deploy ‘smart’ world class ‘one-stop’ retail outlets across major cities in Africa, upgrading customer’s shopping experience while meeting their daily and long-term needs.